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Safety & Maintenance

Safety is our #1 Priority

Safety is our number one priority at Kissel Entertainment. We put a great emphasis on providing a safe and clean midway and would not operate a ride that we wouldn't put our own kids on! Each day, our equipment is fully inspected by our management and staff. The foreman of each ride is responsible for doing multiple safety checks with the use of a checklist to ensure for safe operation. In addition to internal inspections, we also adhere to local and state inspections on a weekly and annual basis.

During the winter months, our equipment is fully inspected and refurbished at our Ohio based winter quarter facility. It is at this facility that rides care completely rebuilt from the ground up including electrical, mechanical, and cosmetic improvements. Our mechanics and electricians will look over each individual ride and perform the proper maintenance procedure required. Rides in need of paint are sandblasted, premiered, and then painted and sometimes even powder coated. Finishing touches are applied by our team of artists including the use of painted artwork or computer generated graphics applied using vinyl wraps.

Tips For Having a Safe Day at the Carnival

  • Walk, don't run on the midway.
  • Check posted height requirements before purchasing tickets. You can check what rides you can ride based on your height here.
  • If your child is unsure of what the ride does, watch it before riding. Many times, ride videos can be found within the attractions section of our web site.
  • Never force a child to ride an attraction that they do not want to.
  • Sit, do not stand while riding.
  • Make use of ride restraints - assure that lap bars, shoulder harnesses, and seat belts are snug against your body.
  • Do not run on ride decks.
  • Keep all hands, arms, and feet inside the ride vehicle at all times.
  • Use common sense!

Carnival Safety Video

"Fairgoers were impressed with the quality of the customer service, value for the money and unique additions which added to their experience."

Ian Cox
Spokesman, Kentucky State Fair

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