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Midway Amenities

At Kissel Entertainment, we have taken our midway presentation to the next level.  Dingy, dirty, midways of the past are not our thing.  We strive to provide our guests with a clean midway that’s well-lit and has plenty of seating and modern amenities - much like any permanent amusement park would offer.  Most of our rides are outfitted with super bright, energy efficient LED lighting which makes our midways not only bright, but also provides a festival appeal.  At events where our schedule permits, we provide landscaping throughout the midway including planters, fountains, and decorative fixtures.  From seating areas to baby changing stations, we have all sorts of modern amenities that many carnivals wouldn’t even think to offer!
"Kissel Entertainment is by far the most professional, honest and trustworthy provider used at this location in the long history of the event."

Jon A. Dorman, CFE
Director, Columbus Civic Center

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