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Published: Thursday, September 1, 2016
Kissel Entertainment September Newsletter
For the month of September something unusual happened, Mr. Kissel approached me with a letter he had written asking me to make it our September newsletter. We would love to share his thoughts with you.

It’s not often that I get involved in our Kissel Newsletter. The ladies do a great job squeezing it in between the other thousand tasks that I put onto them.

The last week of July I spent most of the week on our Celebration Midway, which supplies the carnival at the Meade County Fair in Brandenburg Kentucky. Madison has such a great team in place, that it allowed me the time to explore and study the operation of this fair. Now, in all fairness, my family has held this contract since the 1950’s, and one would think that I would know this event like the back of my hand- not so much the case. If anyone knows David Pace and his board, they could vouch that these folks, although friendly and caring, demand nothing less than one hundred percent from everyone involved. So, they usually keep me on my toes.

No matter what type of entertainment that you provide for your fair or festival, be it concerts, trucks and tractor pulls, demolition derby, pageants, or even a dog show, I felt this needed to be shared. Friday night in Brandenburg is usually an “All Hands On Deck” night. Earlier in the day the forecast called for rain, and for a change they were correct. On the track that night was the NTPA, and for those of you who are not familiar, these are the big boys of the tractor pulling world. It wasn’t long and the pit area of the fairground was full of semi-trailers and guys frantically turning wrenches to fine tune their machines. Rain continued to fall and there was a buzz on location and around this little river town we were asked, “Are they gonna Pull? Will the rides open? Are they calling the fair off”? As I made my way to the fair office to discuss our plan, David and his son met me outside to show off their $1,200 investment. Four large tarps covered the track. Farm tractors were parked sporadically to hold it into place. I was informed that they had packed the track hard and then put a tarp on it. Well, the rain passed and the fair board put on some boots and went to work! The word went out on the radio and social media, the fair was a “Go”! Our Kissel Midway entertained thousands until the track was ready, and I’m here to tell you, they came out and we had a great night!

Many of the events on our tour have dedicated volunteers, and most definitely deserve a giant thanks! Not only from the community, but the vendors and sponsors as well. David and the Meade County Fair have won many awards complimenting their achievements. This is certainly one of the reasons that Kissel and the Meade County Fair operate so well together! This team and ours share the same philosophy of working hard to be the best and to continue to be even better than what is expected of us. I’m proud to be a part of this organization.

I certainly appreciate all the hard work that our sponsors put into their event. I just thought that this needed to be spotlighted and shared. I hope everyone has a safe remainder of the year. I look forward to visiting your cities!
-Russell Kissel

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For the month of September something unusual happened, Mr. Kissel approached me with a letter he had written asking me to make it our September newsletter. We would love to share his ...
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