Thrill Rides

When we think of thrill rides, we immediately think of fast paced rides that make you hold tight to the lapbar. We've got plenty of rides that are designed to give you just that thrill!

Must be over 46" tall.
HIGH ROLLER - Through the speed and centrifugal force this machine takes total control of your equilibrium. Like a working science project, the rotation of this ride truly defies gravity.

Must be over 46" tall.
42" with adult.
Experience the wrath of the storm yourself. The spinning, dropping, then twisting motion of this naturally devastating ride is definitely a category 5.

Must be over 42" tall.
When you ride this one, you do it standing up. The tame beginning only lets you get your courage going. Super fast speeds kick in and there is no stopping now!

Must be over 44" tall.
ROCK-O-PLANE - Please ROCK the SEATS. This is the only ride that we encourage you to do that. Pull THE handle back and let the flipping begin. You control the intensity of your experience..

Must be over 42" tall.
52" with adult.
The Sizzler spins riders in two different directions. As the center of the ride rotates, so does the spindles which the seats are on.

Must be over 36" tall.
48" with adult.
SUPER TROOPER - This inverted action ride dangles you high up in the sky. It will give you the sensation of hang gliding. So hop on and get some air!

Spectacular Rides
Spectacular Spectacular
Unique rides that make you say "WOW".
Thrill Rides
Thrill Rides Thrill Rides
Explore our fast paced rides that make you hold tight!
Family Rides
Family Rides Family Rides
Rides the whole family can enjoy together!
Kiddie Rides
Kiddie Rides Kiddie Rides
Kid size rides for the little ones!
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